Welcome to PokeShiny

PokeShiny allows you to keep track of all the Pokemon you have and have had, so can see which ones are still missing in your collection at a glance.

Below we'll show you how you can enter the details of each Pokemon and how to filter so you can see what you are missing.

First overview


You've just started the app for the first time. Before you is a list of Pokemon, without any of the Pokemon types you have filled in. You'll need to fill this yourself by selecting each Pokemon and telling the app how many of each type you have.

Start by clicking on the first Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Entering the types for your Pokemon on the detail page

As you can see you have now opened the details page for a Pokemon, namely Bulbasaur. On this page is a list of all the types that exist for this Pokemon.

You see that there are four types of Bulbasaurs:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Male shiny
  • Female shiny

For each type you can fill in how many of those you currently possess. We use a 0 to indicate a type that you have had and a - to indicate a type you have never had. This way you can differentiate between those two situations.

A 0 marked type will count as if you have that Pokemon with regards to if you have collected all types of a Pokemon and other filters.

Fill in how many of each type you currently possess

In our example I am filling in that I have 3 male, 2 female and 1 female shiny. I had a male shiny in the past, but I don't have that anymore, so I fill in 0

Back to the overview

Once you have entered the amounts for all types of this Pokemon you can go back to the overview by clicking the top left button marked < Pokemon.

You'll see that the icons for Bulbasaur have been filled according to the details you've filled in the previous step. Once you've filled in all your Pokemon this will enable you to easily see which types you have or don't for the more common types of Pokemon.

Note that the circle with the Pokedex id in it is filled based on the number of types that you have.

Click the top left button to go back

Check that the icons have been filled based on the amounts you have entered and that the Pokedex id circle is now completely filled, as you have all Bulbasaur types

Special types

If you scroll down the list you'll see more symbols appear. You have already seen the symbols for male, female and shiny Pokemon, however there are also neutral Pokemon and special types. Let's scroll down to Rattata to see the special types.

Scroll to Rattata and see the extra symbol on the right side

Click on Rattata to start entering the correct amounts for this Pokemon

Special types on the detail page

As you can see on the detail page for Rattata the special types are in their own section, below the more common types. For Rattata we see that a male and female Alolan version exist, and that both also occur in a shiny variant.

Fill in the amount of the different type of Rattata you have

I will fill in that I have 1 each of all the non-shiny types and a - (so never had) the shiny types

The overview, part III

When you go back to the overview you'll see that some symbols are coloured in, namely those types that you have marked as in your possession. The green * symbol on the right is a notation for the special types. Rattata has four special types, and you'll see the green symbol fill based on the number that you posses. In our example it is half filled as we have 2 out of 4 special types.

Click the top left button to go back

Check that the icons have been filled based on the amounts you have entered for Rattata

Neutral Pokemon

Let's scroll down a bit further until we get to Magnemite. This Pokemon does not have a gender. We now see two other symbols appear, one for neutral Pokemon and one for neutral shiny Pokemon.

Click on Magnemite to start entering the correct amounts for this Pokemon

Magnemite detail page

As you can see on the detail screen we need to fill in the amount of the neutral and neutral shiny types of Magnemite that we have.

Fill in the amounts of the different types of Magnemite that you have

I will fill in that I have 1 of each type


Let's go back the overview page by clicking the < Pokemon button at the top left.

We might want to filter our list of Pokemon so we can find what we are looking for. We can do this by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right corner. The filter list now folds out of the right side of the page.

Click the top left button to go back

Click the filter button and have a look at the available filters


Let's start by searching for a specific Pokemon, Unown. This Pokemon comes in many different forms (30 at the moment) and we want to have a look at this.

As you change filters you'll see the result being update live. At the top of the filter screen you can see how many Pokemon there are in your selection, and on the left of the screen you see the Pokemon list being reduced based on your criteria.

Type unown in the Name search filter

Go back to the overview by tapping the overview list on the left or clicking the Filter button at the top right

Overview part V

You'll see that there is only one Pokemon whose name contains the text unown. Let's click on this Pokemon to fill in the details.

Click on Unown to start entering the correct amounts for this Pokemon

Unown detail page

There are a lot of forms of Unown, currently 30, including two different shinies.

Fill in the amount of the different type of Unown you have

I will leave everything at - as I don't have any Unowns

Filter incomplete Pokemon

Let's go back to our filters and enable the filter Only incomplete Pokemon. This filter fill remove all Pokemon from the list of which you already have all types. This will make it easier to find which types you still need to catch.

As you can see my filter result is 606 out of 608 Pokemon, as I have all types for both Bulbasaur and Rattata.

Enable the Only incomplete Pokemon filter

Sorting by name

At the top of the filter list you can sort the results. Standard sorting is based on Pokedex id, but we can also sort on name.

Set the order by to name

Have a look at the resulting overview

Generation filtering

You can also filter by generation. If you clicking on the Generation filter you'll be taken to a list of all generations. If you click on one of the generations only Pokemon from that generation will be shown.

Shiny filter

As we are avid shiny-hunters we would like to see specifically those Pokemon that have shiny types. In the app we have a separate filter, named Shiny. In this filter you can choose between:

  • All Pokemon
    • Do not filter Pokemon based on the shiny types
  • Shiny Pokemon
    • Only show Pokemon that have at least one shiny type
  • Caught shiny Pokemon
    • Only show Pokemon that have at least one shiny type that you have caught
  • Uncaught shiny Pokemon
    • Only show Pokemon that have at least one shiny type that you have not caught

Let's set the filter to Caught shiny Pokemon

Go back to the overview to see the results

Overview part VI

In the overview we'll see only two Pokemon, as those are the only two Pokemon for which I have caught at least one shiny type. Of course we'll see more results once we have filled in all the Pokemon, but for now this is as we expect.

Type filters

The last filter in the list is the type filter. You can add as many type filters as you want. Each type filter has two properties.

Click on Add type filter to see the properties

You now see that each type filter can be clicked to select a type and it has a segmented picker below to decide if you want to see all of this type, or only the ones that you have or have not caught.

Type filter list

The top bar of the type filter is tappable and allows you to select a type.

Click on the Type > filter to go to the list

You now see a list of all the different types of Pokemon that exist in Pokemon Go.

Select Alola male to filter on this type of Pokemon

Segmented picker for type filter

Let's set the segmented picker to Caught, so we only see the Alolan male Pokemon that we have caught

Go back to the overview list

Filtering on Alolan male caught Pokemon

We have only one Pokemon that has an Alolan male type that we have caught: Rattata.

Complex type filters

Let's make it a bit more complex and combine type filters.

Set the type filter we had earlier to All

Add a new type filter that displays all Pokemon that have a Male galarian form

Overview, last part, or: Complex filter result

As you can see in the overview list there are only two Pokemon that have male Alolan and Galarians forms: Meowth and Persian.


At the top left of the overview list you can click on the hamburger icon to display the menu.

The menu has the following options:

  • Website
    • Go to this website in Safari
  • Tutorial
    • Go to this page in Safari
  • FAQs
    • Go to the FAQs on the website in Safari
  • Contact
    • Show the contact form
  • Feedback
    • Show the feedback form
  • Privacy policy
    • Show the privacy policy
Feedback / contact form

If you click on the Feedback option in the menu you see a form pop up that you can fill in if you have some feedback for us. If you fill in your email or phone number we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message via the feedback or contact forms!

Thank you for checking out our tutorial and we hope you enjoy PokeShiny!