Frequently asked questions

* Why would I want to use PokeShiny?

PokeShiny helps you to keep track of the different types of each Pokemon that you have. This way it is easier to see which types you are still looking for and might want to trade or specifically hunt for. As you can also keep track of the number of each Pokemon type that you have, it allows you to quickly see which ones you might want to trade away and which you'd want to keep.

PokeShiny is a tool for collectors and for people with a lot of Pokemon. It requires a bit of administration when you first set it up (as you need to enter all the (shiny) Pokemon that you have) but afterwards keeping it updated is easy and you now have a clear overview of all your Pokemon (and their different types). The filtering system makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

* Who made PokeShiny?

Well that’s us: Steven and Annet. Steven is a programmer and Annet a first-day-shiny hunter. We've been friends for more then a decade and wanted to do a project together. Put those things together and you’ve got PokeShiny!

* Is PokeShiny available for Android?

No, not yet. We hope to do this at some point in the future, but for now it isn't.

* Is PokeShiny available for the iPad?

No, not yet. But we hope to launch it this year!

* Why are there no pictures in the PokeShiny app?

That’s a copyright problem. We can’t use the original pictures without permisson of the makers of PoGo.

* What about my privacy? Do you keep any information about me on your servers?

No. Your information is saved in your iCloud account so we don’t have any personal information about you. If you want to read more about this, you can read it in our privacy statement.

* Can we contact you for feedback or other questions?

Yes, in the app you can find a contact and feedback form. Feel free to drop us a message or question! Oh, and we love compliments ;-)